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Hoping all is well.
I have yet to find any love in my life.  While I do not have anyone in my life nor have anyone in mind - I do worry that I will one day wind up all alone and dying abandoned.  Am I destined to ever find true love in my life even though my resources are extremely limited - or will my worst fears in life be realized ?
Thanks !

Hmmm very interesting. It's no wonder that you are yet to find love in your life, because I feel you have been uncommitted to anyone for a long while, but broken quite a few hearts along the way in your quest for a love which you felt would make you feel balanced and whole. This made the love 'quest' hard work and just a puddle of wishful thinking. Ask yourself William why you need someone to make you feel balanced within yourself? The secret to finding love is to first love yourself (a cliche to those who struggle like yourself) when you can love yourself and know and trust that you will not wind up alone - that you are worth being loved because after all YOU love yourself - THEN and then only will you find her - in the sense that you won't be searching for 'perfect' love, the reason you haven't found anything is because within yourself you feel miserable (worst fears to be realized etc) but when you feel good within yourself, you make room for her - and the Universe resonates all the good stuff you're feeling within yourself to her.

So yes love yourself, and you will be able to recognize love.
Tell your fears to shut up, you are worth loving.


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