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sorry I didn,t add names & dob.
kim 18/02/1963
mohamad 18/02/1972

Mohamad feels his heart was broken by you Kim, he cared about you but he's understood that he has to move on. In time, when you can love yourself Kim, I truly do feel that you will settle down into a happy relationship - for right now you yearn to be loved, but when love enters your world, you don't recognize love because you haven't yet understood how to love yourself. So you resonate to yourself what ever is happening within yourself, to be immersed in love is to be there in this present moment, giving and receiving love energy back. Love exists within yourself, but you have closed off your heart from giving yourself that love. This explains the depression, counseling, seeking for love on the outside, and not getting what you are expecting you put yourself in a state of panic because the love you thought you were going to get, hasn't been got, but that's because you can't feel love to begin with because your heart is locked away too scared to feel anything, yet projecting all your fear and hurts onto anyone. You can fix yourself, by stopping holding a grudge against Mohamed, stop blaming him for what's happened in your life, accept what's happened, forgive him, and forgive yourself. Then start loving yourself. For when the love is flowing within you, then it flows outwards, and in time you will be in a happy loving relationship. Victim mentality is seeing the world through the eyes of the ego/fear.  


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