My name is Tiffany (DOB: June 2,1988) and I'm wondering about relationship and love. I'm 24 and feeling like I'm at the point in my life where nothing seems to be happening and no one wants me around. That could be to me being overly sensitive and selfconcious. That's another story though. Anyways, I haven't been with a guy in three or four years and I'm wondering when I'll be in a relationship again or when true love will come my way. I would like to find "the one" before I'm 30 if it's part of my fate. Can you tell me when love will happen for me and anything about that person if possible?

Yes I can feel you have been single for a little while, but it feels like you're searching for a guy who will keep you secure financially and say I love you Tiffany - yet there's an underlying factor brewing within yourself that you actually do not love yourself, or you haven't found yourself - it feels like you're soul-searching, yet not really making time for this soul-search whilst you've been single. The longer you delay finding yourself and loving yourself, the longer True Love stays away from your vicinity. Currently it feels like 5-8 years - but time can speed up if you do the work in this beautiful time of solitude you have right now.

I'm sorry but in this brief free reading, I cannot tell you anything about the person.


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