Hi my name is Jamie and I was born 31/08/1990 and my partner Kieron was born on 07/10/1978. I was just wondering what you see in store for us and if we're going to last as long as I hope? Thanks for your help.

I feel you've both been together for a while and are trying to protect what you have right now. It's a feeling of one or both of you constantly making an effort in case a bomb drops, so lots of compromising. If not, the advice would be to compromise and take nothing for granted, keeping working at the relationship like it's a rose in the garden full of weeds, keep clearing the weed, keep watering the rose, keep nurturing. Is there deception within the relationship? Is something not being said? Is someone walking over the other? Or is someone trying their best to keep the relationship afloat? Openly communicate, ensure you're both on the same page in where you want the relationship to head to.


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