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Hi my name is Marsha dowdell and i was born in Birmingham Alabama on October 3 1993...i lost my twin brother back in 2010 and the reason i'm writing you is because i can't sleep and i'm in tears now just thinking about my brother,& something just told me to come on here.. i just want to know do he know how much we all miss him and love him & i just feel like there is something he want to tell me (us)..but i'm not sure what? if there is something he wants to tell us can you tell me what it is? I been through so much these pass 3 years and hoping things get better soon for me but thanks in advance.

h i there and thank you for contacting me

I am very sorry to hear about your brother
I do feel there are things left unsaid from his side
this email was left open for others to see and the things
I want to tell you I must say in private If you can come to my website
and we will chat live .

No charge for you HOpe to her from you soon click to chat  


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At a young age of 13 I began to relies that my seances dreams and intuition was much different of those in my age group . My visions at one point helped me to save my sisters life at this age and that's when I knew that my gift and calling was not To please my self but devote my life to using this gift to help others . By age 15 i began to become well known to those in my community a small town in illinois in witch I grew up in . I was always giving advice to close friends and family. By age 18 I decided To let my gift out to the world and the experience has been life changing. With thousands of readings I do per year I have relies That with each person I find my gift growing stronger each time . I have now been on many local radio stations and interviewed For sport predictions for major league events . I have my own established website for over 5 years. With over 250,000 visitors and Counting . And now I am ready to share my experience and 99.9 percent accuracy readings with all experts.

Over 200 hours of meditation schooling at Illinois school of yoga Graduate of Barry Barkley hypnotherapy 1998

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