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Can I contact my dad who passed away on Jan 5, 2010? I really miss him and wish that I could send him a message and know that he's still out there somewhere.

Hello Kirti,
Thank you for contacting me I’m sorry to have taken so long to reply to you. Sorry too that you have lost your dad. To help understand your dad now we need to do some ground work and the first thing to see is the difference between the physical world (where we are) and the non-physical world (where your dad is). The difference is huge so many of the questions we have are only valid from our perspective of being in a physical form. From a non-physical perspective there are no restrictions that we experience here in physical bodies; restrictions like space and time and dimensions. In our bodies we are restricted by 3 dimensions, up/down, left/right, backwards/forwards. Without a physical body we are pure conscious thought and exist as a vibration at a certain frequency. It’s a little bit like the frequencies you can find on a radio. There are many different things being broadcast on all sorts of wave lengths and frequencies but unless you tune into the frequency you can’t hear anything that is being broadcast. The physical world exists as a collection of similar frequencies; the non-physical world (from which the physical comes) exists at different frequencies. Your dad is not ‘out there somewhere’. Your dad is present to you but the frequency of his being is different from yours in your physical body so, for the most part, you are unaware of his presence. Remember he is not physical so it’s not a presence you can see but, through calming your mind and focus on your well being, you can consciously connect to him by adjusting your own frequency. Again, a bit like a radio system, you can tune your mind to the frequency where you can consciously connect to your father. He connects to you when you are asleep and even though you may not remember much of what you dream, when you wake up in the morning feeling fresh and inspired it is exactly because of your dad’s energy communicating with yours. When we sleep, our focus on the physical world is significantly suspended and our minds are free to raise to different frequencies. These experiences are partially remembered as dreams – often they don’t make much sense to us in our full conscious physical state of focus.

What I sincerely suggest you do is choose a time when you are feeling very well, at your best, full of energy and just loving being alive. Find 15 minutes when you are in this mood when you are alone and quiet. Make yourself very comfortable, close your eyes, breathe nice and relaxed and empty your mind – think of nothing except how good it is to be you. If you can keep your mind empty and your focus on your well being for a few minutes then your mind will raise it’s vibration and you will become very aware of your dad’s real presence to you. IN your mind you can talk to him too – you will hear his responses in your mind. He wont be speaking as such but he send blocks of thought to you that you will simultaneously translate in a way that you can understand. Communication from the non-physical world always has to be formatted in a way we can understand because of the restrictions we operate in. But you don’t have to worry about this, your mind will do it in split seconds and the responses and messages will come into your mind. Your job is just to trust them and enjoy them. Your dad really is present to you all the time – more so now than when he was in his physical form. There is no reason you can’t reach out to him any time you wish but it can only be done from a place when you are feeling at your best. If you are sad and down then your personal frequency is furthest from where your dad is and it is a big jump you have to make for your mind to receive him – even though he is present.

Read this through a few times until you are sure you fully absorb what I am trying to describe. Although it seems strange, it is important to remember that when you miss your dad most and are feeling down because he is not physically with you – then these are the times when it most difficult for you to reach to his presence. It is when you feel at your best that you are most able to tune yourself to his presence. Remember its about meeting him at similar frequencies. From his non-physical perspective he has no negative emotion or thought of any kind, he is in a state of conscious bliss and while he is with you always he cannot join you in your negative feelings and you, in your negative feelings, are too far away in heart and mind to be aware of him. I hope this makes some level of sense to you. Again, please read it through a few times – especially if these ideas are completely new to you. Once you understand then you will have a whole fresher and more accurate perspective on life and life after we leave our bodies (there is actually no such thing as death, there is just a moment of transition from physical to non-physical being). Your dad loves you, he could not do anything except love you and he is present to you through his conscious thought. All you have to do is feel the best you can, relax and let his presence speak to your mind. You will feel energized and creative and inspired and full of buzz after this happens – this is how you know the experience of your dad is real. And even if you don’t manage to make a conscious connection much, each time you sleep your mind can connect with him and you feel the residue of this the next day.

I hope this has helped you to understand the relationship you have with your dad now he is not physically here to be seen. I am very sorry for such a delayed response – I am having multiple internet connection problems, I don’t normally take this long to reply to somebody and I am truly sorry to keep you waiting a few days for this reply. Please also accept my very best wishes, Roy Pierce  


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I can answer questions concerning people's desire to have some form of contact with deceased friends or relatives or, if required, animals. In summary, I consider myself an expert on communication between physical and non-physical reality. While I can act as a medium, I prefer to teach people how to make contact themsleves. I would prefer questions to be marked as private, if possible. Please not that information to answer questions of this kind is not immediately available, effort and time are required to establish a satisfactory response so please do not mind that it may take a day or two to receive an answer - this does not mean I have forgotten you. I am currently living and working in south east Asia so there is a time factor there too for those who contact me from Europe and the States - it is, however, an absolute pleasure to deal with people from all over the globe.


As an ordained minister, I have had 15 years experience in dealing with bereavement and bereaved people. Many have asked if it is possible to contact deceased people. I beleive it is possible for anyone to contact any non-physical reality and I have helped many people do this from different cultures, religions and countries.

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