Dear Daniel I was wondering what do you see for me in the near future, I am currently at the crossroads and would be grateful for any insight. My dob is 30 January 1980 Thank you.

Hi and thank you for the question. I do see water around you, and it's kind of a sea-green color, as if there is algae in the water. I just waonder if its literal or symbolic, in terms of meaning. If it's symbolic, it may indicate to be careful about the water you're drinking, and to get cleaner water. If it's literal, it indicates a voyage by sea, or that you are around water or a river. I also see red or orange clothing, but i'm not sure the meaning of that.
I see coins in your hand, and books like on a book shelf. I hope this helps, God Bless, Daniel.


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I am using intuition. I pick up feelings or vibes from people, situations.


Trained in astrology, and done readings for friends for a number of years. I'm one of those that people come to 6 months later and tell me I was right about something i predicted or said.

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