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Psychics/Long Distance Relationship- first boyfriend after divorce


i'm a female in Texas. born march 30, 1988 in Texas. i'm very pale white with freckles, curvaceous without being overweight. my hair hangs down to my waist and is dark brown but i color it bright red, and my eyes are dark hazel. My boyfriend is Jeremy, from Texas, born August 13, 1987 in Texas. He's 1/8 Native American, the rest Caucasian. Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tans easily, athletic build.
I was married in october of 2010, and divorced my ex in january 2011, so it was a very short marriage. i was single for 1 year and 9 months after the divorce, although i did go on dates and have casual flings. then i met Jeremy. we instantly hit it off, although he was at the end of a 3 year, long distance relationship when we met. there was absolutely no cheating on our part while he was in this relationship; we never even hung out alone. they broke up about 2 weeks after we met, and about 2 months after that he and i officially became a couple, in november 2012. we mutually fell in love very quickly. i've never been in a relationship that happened so naturally; we're so compatible and relaxed and just ourselves with each other. then in january he had to take a job 6 hours away from me (although still in Texas.) it was an amazing opportunity and i fully support his decision. I love him, and i do not doubt that he loves me. but there are many different types of love, some fleeting, some meant to last forever. even though my short marriage probably makes me seem like a fickle person, i promise that is not the case. that was a fluke incident in my love life. i feel like Jeremy may be the one, the actual one. but i've never been in a long distance relationship before, and i know he must be tired of it after having long distance with another girl for 3 years. so my question is this- are we truly right for each other? we only spent 4 months living in the same town after we met, and while we were together almost every single day, it's a short foundation that was built for a long term & long distance relationship. it will be at least a year before we live in the same town again. i don't want to waste his time or mine. i love him enough that i want to know sooner rather than later if this relationship is worth committing to. so, are Jeremy and i right for each other, and will we make it through this long distance period and be together for good?

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Using Lenormand cards, I don't feel that Jeremy and you are perfectly right for each other, there's so much uncertainty here, perhaps it can be removed by relocating to each other - but make sure it's Jeremy that moves towards you, otherwise you're facing the same situation with him and his ex. He has this feeling that grass is always greener elsewhere, he has his issues to sort. Up to you what you decide to do, just giving my reading.


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