Hi there my name is Andrea and I am a female living in New York in the US, I was born on 11/27/74 in Kentucky in the US. I am 5'6" with red hair blue eyes and medium build. Chris is a male living in New York in the Us, and he was born on 11/27/77 in New York in the US. He is 6'1" brown hair brown eyes with a medium build.
Chris and I were together for a year and a half before he ended our relationship in July due to him not being able to trust me because of lies I had told. I am still deeply in love with him and he says he loves me too but he can't trust me enough right now to committ. I would like to know if he does truly love me?  I would like to know if he is the ONE?

I have nothing indicating that he is "The One" for you. There seems to be someone for you on your horizon however. I see a warm loving woman who would make a good mother for someone. I think this person is either you or someone who may also be persuing this man.

I think this is time for you to move on either way. I am not getting the feeling he is your intended and I don't feel he is the best for you. Your intended is still out there.

I hope I helped


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