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Hi Daniel,nice to meet you.My name is Vernelle.I was born May 8,1963.My cat Mischa died last year.I miss her so much.I am living with my adult sons.Someone had posted an ad in the free section on Craigslist trying to find the bunny a good home by the end of this month.In all honesty i have no income and hoping my Social Security Disability hearing with be resolved this year.And i get all monies back from years of past turn down hearings.Anyway the rabbits fur looked the same as my cat in color.I am concerned about how all of this will turn out.If i will make anyone angry and cause any conflict.Or if i should just let someone else have the rabbit.Can you please tell me the outcome of this situation?.Oh and my boyfriend Charles born May 18,1958 was talking about me living with him.I don't know if he will be happy about this or not...Also if you please,Can you tell me what i was in my past life?.What is my soul or life purpose?.Will i ever marry?.If this is too much i understand and will just accept answer to the first question.I am hoping you can help.If not,i ask not to send to the question pool.Thanks for your time.

Hi Vernelle, nice to meet you too. You seem like a very kind and caring person. In your past lives you came in contact with people all over the world, especially in the trading routes and ports as a sea merchant/sailor. You may have a connection to the seas. I believe you had pets on some of your voyages in those times, hence your connection and care for animals. The soul and life purpose is the caring for others, and remembering to care for yourself also. Marriage is of the soul, and soulmates vary depending on the short term purpose. I believe your soulmate will become obvious to you when you enter that phase of your life soon. It may be someone you already have in your life, but you will know. Blessings from Daniel.


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