Hello...are me and this person me and this person meant to be? His birthday is 3-26-1986 and mine is 2-3-1980. Thank you in advance!


It looks like when you found eachother you are both excited to be in a relationship. You both look like you were very attracted to eachother in the beginning.

Was he from your past? Have you known him for a long time? Currently for either you or him it looks like there is an uneasy reconciliation between two people with un resolved issues.

Later it looks like there will be a persuing of too many desires. Things will slip into a state of debauchery.

It doesn't look like he is forever UNLESS some un resolved issues from BOTH of your pasts are confronted and resoolved. I'm sorry to say this but this will NOT be an easy relationship and will require some work and some repairs in order to work out. To continue on this path will destroy the relationship ultimately.

To change your path you must confront the past issues and then you will have a better chance of this relationships survival.

I hope I helped.


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