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My name's Adero Knott, b. 11/27/1990 in Blue Island, IL and the guy is Paul Yoo b. 3/27/1978 In I think Chicago

I met him when I was 17, he was 30. We had this intense connection and even dated a few months until reality smacked me in the face. I was 17 and black and he was 30 and Korean. His parents are very traditional and he's already taken on the filial role by working at his family's business. He hates that job but he feels responsible towards his family. We've been on and off since 2008, it's like we never wanted to get too close and besides I'm still young, so whenever him and I weren't on I was off dating others. I was always afraid to tell him I loved him for fear of reality of us not being together. But during a heated discussion I did tell him that I loved him. We mostly got into it because I didn't feel like he put forth effort like I did. in 2011 when I studied abroad in china, we talked a lot. He made all these plans for us to do once I got back, but when I did get back he never followed through on them. It's like he was afraid of losing me when I wasn't near, but when i was around i was some option, that's not fair. However I blame myself partly for always coming to his beck and call. Currently the woman I am now, in 2013, has way more self-respect and I know my self-worth so I don't plan on repeating that behavior.

I honestly feel he is my soulmate but we both have growing up to do. I feel I'm on a good path towards adulthood and understanding relationships and knowing that I'm not ready to settle down until after I get my graduate degree (I plan on going back to china for two years to get my master's). For Paul, he's about to be 35 and is still dependent on his parents.

Currently we've been texting a little, as I'm trying to ease myself back into his life. I want to be his friend first and really build a stable foundation. I know he loves and respects his parents but he needs to live for himself and allow himself to be happy. He spends most of his time working or being a recluse. When I'm around, I feel like I give him life and the courage to really express himself.

Paul is the man I can honestly see myself marrying and having children with. He's an aries and is truly a child at heart. Will we both reach those developmental stages that can make our bond stronger and able to overcome obstacles, like his parents disapproval? I've always fought for what I wanted and am pretty accomplished for my age, love is something I'm willing to fight for as well!

Thanks in advance!

  I do feel that Paul loves you very much and you are right, you do bring out the best in each other when you are around him but he ends up with so much stress from his parents about work and their views that it leaves him in a solid depression and it leaves him feeling he has no choice in the matter. Of course not being with you is going against his heart which is why he is so depressed.
I feel that his values and the way he was raised are very different and this will always be a challenge for him causing you to always feel stuck and unable to be with the man you love the way you want to. he wants nothing more then to be with you but the hold his parents have on him is much stronger and harder to overcome then he thought it would. I don't see him coming around in your short term outlook but his love for you is strong enough that this could happen in the long term outlook.


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