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QUESTION: Hi Daniel,
Thank you for sharing your gift freely here :) I'm an unemployed college student, so it really helps out a lot! Wondering if you might have any insight on what might be best for me.

I am applying to 3 schools and contemplating turning in all 3 applications at the end of this week. However, statistically, I have much better chances applying to 1 now, and waiting until October to apply to the remaining 2. I can't resist the urge to apply to all 3 now though!

My great-grandmother (deceased) may also want me to find a talisman or charm of sorts and I was wondering if you might know anything about that--regarding what the item could be and also where I might find it?

I've also just begun seeing someone again and would just like to know what you think about it.

Thank you so much for your time!

ANSWER: Hi Janis, nice to meet you. People named Janis are often quiet, but popular with males and females alike. They often go into fashion, design, art, technical design, etc, and are often very good in school. I'm sure you will be accepted where you wish to be. I don't know if the person you're seeing is better or worse than you think of them, but i know that you will use your common sense in the matter, as you do seem to have alot of common sense, and a practical streak.
I do have a suggestion for you in that you might want to try dowsing, to try to determine where you might find such an item. Dowsing is a traditional form of divination using a pendulum or stick to locate objects. As for what form this object might be, i cannot say for sure but it may be a fairy or elf pendant. God Bless from Daniel.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, thank you for your response and sorry to bother you again, but does it make a difference to apply to all 3 schools simultaneously vs. just submitting one for now, remaining 2 in the fall?

... lol, I don't have great common sense and have invested much time and $ in my applications so if you have a feeling of what application dates I'm considering would work in my favor, it'd be so much help :)!

I would say that someone who is concerned enough about a detail like which dates to send their applications on, must have some common's not a negative you know. I do have a slightly better impression about sending one now and 2 in the fall. Thanks and take care from Daniel.


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