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Psychics/Success as a fashion designer?


Hey Daniel, hope you are well-:)
My name is Rachel, female, my DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 AM,
Israel, Tel Aviv.
I've studied fashion design here in my homeland, Israel about 2.5 years ago and ever since had several attemps to establish myself as a fashion designer but nothing seemed to be really working and getting off the ground.
Not long ago i have taken part in a young fashion designers showcase in London and consequently, i've made a lot of significant contacts with people from the local industry and have recieved very positive&encouraging reviews for my designs,
however i'm still dwelling with myself these days how to move forward in order to make money out of the thing i love the most doing in my life!!
I wanted to ask you what do you predict will happen next with my dream of establishing myself as a fashion designer?
Do you see any upcoming opportunities?
Thank you for your help,

Hi Rachel, nice to meet you. I think that as long as you're doing what you love sincerely and with the right intention, that being to bring your art and craft to the world, you will naturally attract money making oppportunities. I don't believe God wants us to langish in wishes and dreams, but wants us to show what we can do. I do feel you are being guided by your angels and guides, and have nothing to worry about. I dont know if you know someone named Saul, but i feel that name. God Bless from Daniel.


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