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I want to contact my angels and my spirit guides. I also want to contact archangels and ascended masters. I'm not good at guided meditation, I meditate better in ''here and now''. My dreams are very vivid and lucid. Please tell me how to contact my angels/spirit guides? Please give mea message from them. Thank you. Many blessings.

Hi, Adrian,

Your angels and spirit guides are always closer than you think. For example, the Archangel Michael is immediately stepping in and saying, "I'm here — just ask."

A spirit guide I see in your energy lived during medieval times . . . he was a monk/hermit who did some healing work but otherwise spent much of his life in the physical world alone. He is, however, an astute observer of human behavior and has a subtle sense of humor. I see him sitting outside a little hut or cabin, enjoying nature. He tells me, "I'm not going anywhere. Let's talk." He's kind of quiet but doesn't mince words. Brother Stephen is the name, I think. It feels like he would be most helpful to you in work matters, but if you ask him about anything you'll likely get a very sensible answer.

Being in the here and now is a great way to meditate! Take a few minutes each day, take several deep breaths, and say, "I invite my angels and spirit guides to communicate with me." Then get quiet and listen. Pay attention to whatever words or images come to mind, and see what happens. You'd be surprised at what can happen when you set a clear and loving intention.

Let me know how it goes . . . all blessings to you!



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