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Hello !
I have several concerns about my future and would like to know astrologically what type of hunches you are getting about myself.
Thanks !

Hi William, of course I would need the time of birth within an hour or so to do a great reading for you in this regard, but as it is seen there is the influence of the following: sun at 24'31 gemini, not sure of the houses as i don't know the time of birth, but i took 6am as the time putting it in the 12th house; moon 23 libra-4th house, mercury 9 cancer-1st house, venus 9'44 leo-2nd house, mars 9'10 leo-2nd house, jupiter 23 scorp retrograde-5th house, saturn 4'30 capricorn retrograde-7th house, uranus 13'30 leo-2nd house, neptune 4'26 scorpio retrogade-5th house, pluto 2 virgo-3rd house, ascendant 2 cancer. My first impression was the the trine aspects involving the conjunction of ascendant, sun and mercury, with the moon, and saturn sextile the moon. This shows instability in the sense of self esteem, where you find it going back and forth between great confidence, and not. You would find this changing with the transits of the moon, mercury and mars, if you had daily or weekly charts done could probably pick the best times to socialize, do business, or travel, especially in relation to the confidence. There is also the fact that sometimes you resemble your opposite sign of capricorn especially in relation to business or authority over others, where you are kind of an authority figure more than a typical cancer would be. On the progressed chart mercury went retrograde about 15 years ago meaning your interest in education, leadership may have changed at that time, or you developed a whole different set of ideals and may feel like you're a totally different person that you were back then or may have broken contact with family, friends etc....there is sometimes the indication of becoming more bound to the family when mercury goes retrograde also. I can see that with venus and mars conjunct in the 2nd house(ruled by venus), that there may be something unusual in regards to your love life, or around relationships with females, especially now progressed into i'm wondering if you're a priest or something? I am also wondering if you've ever been involved with farming, because i see that as a possibility for you in the future...or growing your own foods etc.
I hope this helps to some degree, and take care, from Daniel.  


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