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Hi. First I want to say thank you for taking the time to help others gain insight in their lives. I am truly grateful-so many many thanks! My name is Alyson with DOB 03/26/1972.  I have been friends/sometimes more with a man for the last 20 yrs. We have never dated,  and that was by choice. We have always had the most stable, secure, loving situation. No matter what or who we were dating-if I called him...he came. I felt so close to him and felt cared for by him as well. Last September everything fell apart. Too long to explain, but honestly I do not know how this all became so awful. He is so angry, and refuses to explain, communicate, or even attempt to be reasonable. I have never betrayed him. I do know that I have continued to express my love for him and remind him if how simple and easy we have always been. We have always communicated well. He gets more angry and his words are ao cold. It feels like there is an outside situation, or he is  hiding his feelings about what is really the issue-or maybe I am just in denial. Maybe he was never  my friend. I want so much for him to come to me and explain, or even just attempt to let us be "us" again. He wont budge and it is so hard to understand. My question is this "Do you see him coming back into my life anytime soon-if at all"? Thank you for any input you may offer. My heart hurts.

What you had in the past with him was real and it was something special and don't think that what you had been like in the past was a sham.. There is a woman with brown hair involved in this situation  she is the one who has created and caused such a tension with you and he and she has made him believe things about you, lies, horrible lies about trust and about how you truly were to him in his life and he feels complete and total anger towards you now and wants nothing more then to cut you out of his life once and for all. She has a deep hold on him with her lies. I don't see him coming back to you in the short outlook but I do feel with continued efforts you might eventually get him to speak and once he is willing to do that you will have a chance to reconnect.  


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