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Hi Daniel. Thank you so much for taking the time to allow me to seek some of your input regarding my job decision. I am a single mother of a daughter, and am a Registered nurse at a local hospital. There are 3 hospitals here in town and I have worked at all three. This is common for nurses as your career goals change as well as areas of nursing; Cardiac, ER, etc.. I am so tired of the hospital scene-15hr days, and working mandatory every other weekend have always been hard-especially with a child. I am thankful for this job. It is a somewhat of a "secure" position, but I am seeking something else. I am not even sure what path to take. Do you have any feelings about where I may be in the future-I ask because I would like to put it to rest if I am supposed to stay at the hospital. I know it sounds silly, but it really is a burden on my mind. I would love your input if you don't mind please? Thank you again for your time. ALyson

Dear Alyson, thanks so much for the question. Immediately i felt a counseling environment around you, but i'm not sure if it means you go for counseling/therapy, or have thought about/will become one per se. I also felt, fairly strongly, something with writing. I am assuming you must also have a very literate mind, and also a love of creativity, and peaceful surroundings. Generally, even when there is a change in career/life direction, it evolves naturally, so when it is time for these things to happen, if and when, your heart will tell you it's time. God Bless, from Daniel.


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I am using intuition. I pick up feelings or vibes from people, situations.


Trained in astrology, and done readings for friends for a number of years. I'm one of those that people come to 6 months later and tell me I was right about something i predicted or said.

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