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Greetings !
Hoping all is well.
The past several years have been most difficult for me and my family.
I made several mistakes which I came to regret though at the time there were very few options which to pursue.
I have chosen to forgive all those in the past who wronged me though I cannot possibly ever speak to them as I know longer see them.
I have put all my faith in GOD so how can I find the inner peace I seek ?
Thank You !

Very warm greetings to you, William!

Thank you for requesting a Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual reading. I am sorry to hear of the strife that has been caused in your life and that of your family over the years. When troubles arise it is difficult to not engage in spiritual warfare because anything that is not aligned with God's teachings becomes warfare and you know that warfare causes strife for a person and their family if they too are being made aware of it.

The good energy that ensues for you in trying to find inner peace which you are seeking has already begun. It began the moment you chose to Forgive those who did wrong to you. That is what Jesus expects and He expects no less from you or anyone else. It is when you can truly forgive in your heart those who wrong you that God can forgive you as well. Therefore, in order to attain peace that you are seeking, you must make certain that forgiveness came from a caring and compassionate heart and that it had true meaning. Many times people may say they forgive another but it is mostly to hear themselves talk and to try to feel better. But know that they are not fooling anyone but themselves. When they "forgive" in that manner, in a way that is not truly heartfelt, it can often cause them to end up wondering why negative emotions and a lack of peace ensue.

Therefore, if you are certain that your forgiveness was done in a manner that God would be proud of and would proudly accept then the only thing that keeps you from obtaining the inner peace you strive for is yourself!

The past is the past and with your forgiveness of the hurt that occurred at that point in time begins the inner peace and healing! But there is also the matter of holding on to dark memories which is something many people continue to hold on to even though they desire to forgive another. When you forgive but hold on to the dark memories of what transpired instead of allowing them to pass into the "fire chamber" that is into the spiritual place where negative memories can be purified and pulverized of ill meaning then a person may feel they cannot rest, and until those memories are totally forgotten they may resurface from time to time to haunt one.

That is why Total Forgiveness of a person in the Name of Jesus is KEY! When that can be done then God takes over the healing process so that inner healing can begin to take place. I hope you understand now why it is so important to go into prayer, in all seriousness, and tell God that you fully forgive the other person and will forget what occurred. It is good that you have put all of your faith in God as that can contribute much to the results which you seek. Remember that God can truly move mountains (the large troubles in your life!) Nothing is impossible unto Him! Nothing!

Treat the dark memories as a bad dream that you can no longer recall. Dwell on the happy things in life that make your heart sing and give thanks and praise unto the LORD Jesus for having resolved this problem in your life so that you can move proudly forward in peace of which you are so deserving of.

I have gone to Jesus in prayer for a Scripture to help you in time of need and to keep close to your heart. Remember it and repeat it often.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." -- MATTHEW 6:33 (KJV)

I will keep you in my prayers, William, and know that with God in your forgiving heart you will soon find the inner peace that you are seeking! May God bless you always in all ways.

Thank you for the opportunity to offer this Spiritual reading to you. Have an absolutely Beautiful Day!  


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