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I can read people extremely easily, if someone has a dark secret, I can pretty much figure out what they are hiding just by observing them for a while. I have read people by observing them, and come to find out all my assumptions are true. The saying "ignorance is bliss" because it is completely true - I FEEL all the evil in the world because I can sense it happening all around me, the evil sick things people do, and I take on the guilt and the sadness.  I often contemplate society and it's whole and thinking that life is meaningless (no, I am not suicidal) because for the most part I believe that society as a whole is greedy and lazy and it makes me terribly sad. I feel as though I "know to much". I guess my question is, why have I been cursed with this insight?  It makes me sad and angry and confused and I wish I could just live my life not constantly worrying about other people and society.

Just because you know things, doesn't mean you have to worry about them.  Perhaps you're focusing on the bad, because you want to avoid getting hurt by bad people.  Your ability gives you a warning as to who to avoid, and why.  That's why it has value.  If you saw the great things they did, it would make you happy, but it wouldn't help keep you safe, see?

However, just because you pick up on the bad things, doesn't mean you're not capable of picking up on the good.  It's the same ability.  The difference is your focus.  So my advice would be to LOOK for the good things.

Life, nature, and people are not in black and white.  They are all in full color, and everything and everyone has good and bad aspects.  

Let's say that humans ARE greedy and lazy, the majority of them.  We've been taught that these are bad traits, but in reality, they are just natural traits, and exist in many species.  What do we do with these traits?  Greed leads people to explore, innovate, and advance technology and society - for a price, but nevertheless, advance.  Laziness makes people seek new and simpler ways to get work done with less effort, driving innovation, automation, and efficiency.

Greed and laziness lead to a lot of bad things, too, but that's not the point - they are what they are, and can be used for good or ill.  It depends on YOUR perspective.  Are you judging humanity based on criteria that were taught to you, rather than seeing them in the context of the natural world?  This is a species capable of the depths of depravity, and the heights of compassion and wonder.  People shoot each other in the streets while a man walks on the surface of the moon.  People in an affluent area collect food to ship to an earthquake-ravaged island they have never seen, while elsewhere the oppressed are tortured and killed.  Humans are a sea of contradictions, just like nature itself.

What do you want to focus on?  It's up to you.  It's all there to be seen, it's just a matter of where you direct your attention.  What you see is a function of what you WANT to see, on a fundamental level, below your consciousness.  So... want to see something different. :)  Practice is the key to developing and controlling psychic ability.  The subconscious can be like a spoiled child sometimes, and rebel against efforts to take conscious control, but dedicated effort over time will accomplish it.


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