Psychics/Evil around me?


My birthday is august 11,1970. I have the worst luck,but I have always felt that I would come into a large sum of money, but I have been told that I am surrounded by evil that keeps good things away from me. I also feel spiritually alone and I have no guidance from the other side. Do you think my financial situation will change, and do you feel I have someone watching over me?

Hi Melanie, we must believe that we have influence with the power of our mind, because it is part of universal consciousness in which all things are connected. First get a handle on understanding the power your own mind has, and that you can communicate with it. That's how we communicate with non visible entities....remember your own soul is a non visible entity, so its a world you are already part of. We have many friends and guides on those planes that we can call on at the slightest thought. All we have to do is ask and then trust wether it be Jesus, Mary, Archangel Michael, etc. Trust, watch, and wait, and your prayers will be answered. Take care, from Daniel.


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I am using intuition. I pick up feelings or vibes from people, situations.


Trained in astrology, and done readings for friends for a number of years. I'm one of those that people come to 6 months later and tell me I was right about something i predicted or said.

College graduate.

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