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So me and this girl Ashley dated for almost 2 years we started dating on February 12th of 2011 and our relationship ended in November of 2012. My birthday is September 3rd of 1990 and her birthday is August 11th of 1992. For the most part I think that Ashley and I are a perfect match. At the beginning of the relationship things went very smoothly and we got a long perfectly. I would say that at the beginning of the second year is when things started to get messy, I think we were in a sense smothering each other and spending too much time together, things like our sex life started to fall apart. We started fighting over stupid stuff and when she would try to talk to me about things I would get mad at her for being emotional. It just wasn’t working out so she decided that it would be best to break it off. After the break up we tried to do a friendship, but it just didn’t work out, we were still fighting with each other and we got into a big argument that resulted in her blocking me on facebook and deleting each other’s numbers. About a month ago she unblocked me off of facebook and I messaged her asking her to come and get all of her stuff from my place because I was sick of looking at it. Well a couple of weeks ago she did just that and came and got all of her stuff. Now this week I find myself talking to her again, and we talked about the relationship, and how I was hurting her and I didn’t ever realize what I was doing. I fessed up to all of it and apologized for hurting her and making her feel the way that she did. Now I think that there is a possibility of us getting back together. Both her and I are Christians, I think that both of our faith has fallen a little bit but we still have the same beliefs. Where do you believe that  my relationship with Ashley is meant to go? Should we just be friends, do you think that there is potential for me and her to be together and do you think that it will be long term? Also her mom was a big complication in all of this, she is very overprotective and controlling of her even though she is 20, and we fought a lot over her.

here is how it works according to numerology : the two of you shared past life time and you met again in this life without being able to completely let go of each other, I guess you can call it soul memories that glue the two of you (after all surely you could give her the stuff that belong to her when you broke up but I think you did not believe its the end) and surely she could keep you blocked and she didnt, If the two of you want to part each other and move to different direction the only way is to cut all ties, phone, chats , each other stuff and do not contact each other any more because every time you will you will find yourself together. her mother is not a great issue but she is afraid to take risks because most of her childhood she was alone and she wants some safety , you on the other hand are lack of patience and very stubborn and if something dont go your way you become hostile and can be obsessive and jealous and so although glued to each other you both are not happily ever after but more like in life time prison. I suggest to try and distance yourself from each other because its not fun and its hurting to make up brake up like this or, if you willing to, go together to some counseling and learn how to accept each other and respect each other nature, if you do that you become happily ever after but it will take the commitment of both of you to change for each other. unfortunately I cant see it happaning which in this case its best to stay away.  


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