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So me and this guy Gary dated for almost 2 years we started dating on February 12th of 2011 and our relationship ended in November of 2012. His birthday is September 3rd of 1990 and my birthday is August 11th of 1992. For the most part I think that me and Gary are a perfect match. At the beginning of the relationship things went very smoothly and we got a long perfectly. I would say that at the beginning of the second year is when things started to get messy, I think we were in a sense smothering each other and spending too much time together, things like our sex life started to fall apart. We started fighting over stupid stuff and when I would go and try to talk to him about things he would get mad at me for being emotional. It just wasn’t working out so I decided that it would be best to break it off. After the break up we tried to do a friendship, but it just didn’t work out, we were still fighting with each other and we got into a big argument that resulted in me blocking him on facebook and deleting each other’s numbers. About a month ago I unblocked him off of facebook and he messaged me asking me to come and get all of my stuff from his place because he was sick of looking at it. Well a couple of weeks ago I did just that and went and got all of my stuff. Now this week I find myself talking to him again, and we talked about the relationship, and how he was hurting me and he didn’t ever realize what he was doing. He fessed up to all of it and apologized for hurting me and making me feel the way that I did. Now I think that there is a possibility of us getting back together. Both him and I are Christians, I think that both of our faith has fallen a little bit but we still have the same beliefs. Where do you believe that me and Gary’s relationship is meant to go? Should we just be friends, do you think that there is potential for me and him to be together and do you think that it will be long term? Also my mom was a big complication in all of this, she is very overprotective and controlling of me even though I am still 20, and we fought a lot over her.

Hi Ashley.. Sorry for the late reply.. I feel like this man has very deep feelings for u But has a hard time showing them when your are in a relationship together. He keeps alot inside both good and bad feelings. And that's why at times he would be mad or mean for no reason at all.. I feel right now is a growing period for you both. God is molding you both into better people and creating different characters in u. Even though you are 20 you are just now maturing and starting to see with your heart and not only your eyes.  He does love u and I do feel a very strong soulmate connection here. But I also feel blockages around your love life . And it's not your mother. Her being protective is how every good mother that cares is. Don't make that let u think she destroyed you. These blockages are stronger and run much deeper than anything earthly. It's hard to explain on here. If u want to call or text me u can and I will explain better and see if there's anything u can do to rid yourself of all this . Just please don't give out my # .. Thanks and Godbless .. ( 954 ) 665-4452


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