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Hi Cherie,

My name is Chidinma DOB march 20, 1991, born in Lagos.
I was wondering how my finances are looking this year?  Any special oppurtunities for me?


Thank you for writing me.

Currently your financial situation doesn't seem to be in awesome shape. It seems you are a little concerned about how your finances are affecting your home or family.

You need to be aware that you may be worrying too much though. This is blocking your inspiration. All this worrying is getting in the way of thinking clearly of solutions. This is a time to consider taking a day to yourself to just do things you enjoy. The next day you must get to work and this may help you get to more favorable results.

If you continue with the way things currently are it will possibly lead to you depending on someone with whom you have unresolved issues. This will cause you to stress out worse and will still not help you.
You must change things to get your inspiration back or things will get much worse financially.

I hope I helped.



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