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Hi my name is Emily born on dec. 18 1993. My question is when will I have my first job & what sort of job will it be? I never had a permanent job before. I lack self confidence when it comes to going out there, givin resumes & selling/promoting myself & I hate it. I really want to work but I have a hard time believing employers will hire me since I am socially awkward when it comes to interiews & I lack experience.  I am already 19 & my lack of experience when it comes to work is ridiculous.

Hi there Emily, i see the color orange or yellow around you. If this is your aura, then i'm guessing you're very sociable, and a good communicator, in that case Social work, or animals also. You might also be interested in pastries or desserts, so i'm thinking something along those lines, and you have a musical talent, you might want to try writing music/lyrics/poetry.
When i see your first job i keep seeing hair?
Take care, and hope this helps, from Daniel.


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