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Dear Psychic,
Good evening. My name is Olga, date of birth 05.07.1988
I am currently leaving my 5 year long relationship and it seems to me that it is the right decision, but at times i think it not. It is so hard to do anything right now, work, study, move into new apartment. Everything seems to be under the air of confusion. I ve met a guy currentky and was feeling all signs of love, i was so happy and flying, but he seems to be not interested. Will i meet my soulmate?

Using Lenormand cards, there is so much happiness and so much unknown yet to you when you do leave your current relationship. It allows room for fresh air into your life. Right now love does seem uncertain for you, but it will change. That's all I'm receiving when I meditated on your 'will i meet my soulmate'. Hope that helps :)


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