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Dear Serena,
We haven't been together for 6 months now, but he suddenly reappered with no specific intentions, but I no he cares about me somewhere deep down in his cold heart. He is commitment phobic and I had my own issues to deal with when we broke up. But something tells me there is more to this relation than meets the eye. What is the future for us? Can you help with some perspective?

Kadi, 1988
Andrew 1979

Using the Lenormand cards, there's a way to move away from this brutal situation you find yourself immersed within by Andrew communicating honestly about the way he feels - all his dark depressive energies - this allows you both to move out of this comfort zone he's immersed himself within. Basically Kadi, all this protecting that you're doing for Andrew is hurting you in the long run, it's not phasing Andrew at all, he'll be a narky idiot because it suits him. I'm sorry that's all I have received, deeper insight recommended if you wish.


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