QUESTION: I would like to ask you to do a reading for me. I am going through a lot of changes in my life and need guidance. I feel confused and do not know what to do. My name is Olga 1988

ANSWER: Hi Olga, I saw your question sitting in the question pool, and thought i'd give it a try for you.
I'm assuming 1988 is your year of birth? Can i suggest making a quiet space for yourself, and to take time there to do breathing, and meditation? Calming the nerves is the best way to allow yourself to have the best responses, and also to attract more positive energy to you. I see you travelling soon, perhaps moving? Take care, from Daniel.

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QUESTION: Hi Danielle, thank you for your ansewer. Very kind of you! Yes, i know, that meditation is very good, but i was tryimg  but could not discipline myself to do it every day. Will give it try again! I have moved 3 days ago, do you see me moving again ? just finished 5 year relationship with my boyfriend. Snd now moved on, i hope it was the right choice, which iam not sure about
Kind Regards

ANSWER: Hi Olga, i think the move you just made was the one i must have seen, so i don't think you'll be moving again right away....yes, meditation is a lifelong pursuit, and something that has to be mastered over several lifetimes, so any work you put forth now will carry over to your next incarnation and push you that much closer to the Christ consciousness, which is what each soul must attain eventually. There is no right and wrong way to meditate but there is surely the need for the soothing effects that would put you in a hyper-relaxed state, that is necessary to begin the separation of the mental forces from the these become energized, they begin to be a force of their own and one to be reckoned with. The Master, Jesus, He said, with the faith of a mustard seed you will tell the mountain to throw itself into the sea, and it would at your command, Mark 11:22-25...the unleashing of the psychic/mental forces, once mature, are unbounded, and energized by holy intent or will. This is why the giants of the field are also holy men, for then there is the participation of that called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You have probably heard people say, your life is made by the choices you make, but i don't think that's how i would put it, as it just causes people to blame themselves when things go wrong. The better was to say is, that when our choices are guided, by those forces that guide when we invite them, and we must give them entry by our asking for they are not allowed to intervene against our will, we make the right choices and invite new possibilities into our life. Take care from Daniel.

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QUESTION: Good Evening Daniel,
It is so nice to receive such a positive guidance from you. I will keep working on my meditation practice. Is there a possibility for me meeting a soul-mate or i better now look inside myself first?
Thank you kindly for all your answers. God Bless you.

Hi Olga, yes the soulmate will come soon, within 2 years, even sooner if you have cleared the way by letting go of past hurts in your heart, and looking forward with fresh eyes, anticipating something wonderful.
This of course is why we meditate so we might put aside the worn out, and non useful attitudes of the past, and take on new and empowering ones. For sure you will see the rapid improvements, including in the social life. Stick to the daily time and place set aside with you and the universe....ask to be surrounded by protective light...say the Lord's prayer, as given in the bible...hold the image of your ideals...let go of all thoughts while focusing on your breathing...take care, from Daniel.


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