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Dear Kamika, my name is Emily born on December 18 1993. My question is do you see me having any guy friends this year? I've never had a guy friend & all my life I have had a lack of contact with males (no father, no brothers).I briefly had a male texting buddy & I liked it, it was nice to talk to someone who wasn't girly and feminine but we stopped being texting buddies. I would just like male company, not necessarily romantic, just friendship but I can't seem to make any, since I am quite shy especially around males.

Hi Emily,
You crave for the companionship from males you never had in your life.You feel a sense of security around males and they tend to be more real to you, not holding back on what they want to say to you as you like respect and honesty. I can see you at a place of worship or theatre group meeting new friends where you can make quality friendships with males that you can have a face to face friendship.

Kind regards,Kimika


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