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I have some health issues going on that the doctor's can't seem to figure out. Do you have any insight as to what's going on, or at the very least will we get it figured out? Thanks!

Hi there Andrea, wow you're really testing me, as you didn't mention what your symptoms were, so i will just mention everything i can see. I get something in your head or neck, and also in the lower back--imbalance in the walking or stride?. I also get toxicity due to dishes/cookware or something. I can say that as a precaution, try to drink and cook in glass, and avoid the use of margerine/plastic containers with hot foods, as the plastic can leach into the food. Avoid swallowing gum or candies also, as they can create acidity in the system that takes time to digest. Eat raw celery, radish, cucumber etc, to cleanse the blood. NO PORK, and nothing fried. Drink black coffee without the milk and sugar after meals, especially heavy fatty meals, to help with digestive forces. Drink water only in-between meals not with food, and make sure it's distilled not mineral. Take care, and let me know how it goes, Daniel.


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