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Psychics/long distance relationship


I met my boyfriend over one year ago. it was love from first sight. at the beginning i thought it will be impossible for us to have a relationship. he is very sensitive and caring. I think we are in love. all my friends were doubting this relationship but so far is still going. he live in another country and the only way to communicate is skype and texting. i traveled to see him twice. he also planing to come and visit. but is not easy for him. he need a visa. he have a daughter that live with her mom and busy work day. he struggle with money and he is not stable financially. he refuse my help and we both waiting to have the money for the trip to see me. I need to know if this relationship going to work. I can wait him forever if he is really the right person for me.Thanks,


I appreciate you contacting me to help you. I asked my cards if you had the right man.

I am picking up on a possible rivalry. Like there was a confrontation or a disagreement recently? If you haven't already those issues look like you will soon have them resolved.

Also the cards are advising that you handle future arrising conflict with compassion.

But the cards are also saying that this relationship isn't the person you are intended to marry. I'm sorry.

Thank you again for contacting me.


Next time please include your birthdate as requested please. It makes it much easier to get a feel of who I am reading for.


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