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Psychics/Long distance relationship.


QUESTION: My birth date is November 16, 1990.
I want to know if he is the one for me.
I am not sure if he is the one, his name is Matt. I seem to have feelings of love for him... but he is living at a very far place... and that's why we fight often... but we couldn't seem to leave each other. We are currently friends now... but the passion is still there... I cry every night and I don't know what to think anymore.

ANSWER: Answering from question pool, Matt's birth year required to answer question... don't cry :) love yourself.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: His birth date is FebruarY 20, 1992

Using the Lenormand cards, Matt feels like a player really where he's stringing along not just you but many other women, it's very convenient for him to live in a far away place. I'd recommend ditching the guy! what you're feeling is not love. quit crying and moping about, leave the computer, go hang out with your real friends and socialize and you will meet another guy who will treat you properly for Matt certainly is not worth it. If you wish to know about your True Love, i.e. not Matt...


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