A friend of mine committed suicide a week ago. He took his life in front of his family , including his kids in a violent way.

I have always had a way of communicating with past loved ones, either through dreams or signs visions but I am having a hard time to connect with my friend.
Of course I am devastated, I am beside myself with grief and questions and each time I try to connect to my friend I am riddled with bad dreams, anxiety and I feel an enourmous pressure in my mind that I cannot think straight.
This is the first friend I have had to take his own life.  Someone said I may not be able to connect with him. I wonder if you have any thoughts or suggestions?

It's possible that your friend isn't quite ready to communicate with you yet. It sounds rather like he's still upset, which is hardly surprising.

I would recommend giving it some time. I'm sure everyone is emotionally devastated, and with the mental issues that were causing his depression gone, your friend has to cope with what he has done, just as all of you do.


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