i have this thing with a girl who lives an hour away we hardly have time to each other but the way we are when we are together is electric it just feels so right but she tells me after that she doesn't want to lead me on or hurt me! what should i do??

ANSWER: Hi Nick, thanks for the question. I know you must care alot about her, otherwise you wouldn't be giving so much thought to it. I believe what you are experiencing is the vibe that goes back and forth invisibly when 2 people are very compatible, even if they aren't yet involved. Sometimes what you're picking up on is her feelings, and vice versa. You've heard of couples that know when the other is sad, or happy even before speaking to each other. She is probably afraid to let you down, to let anyone down, and so doesn't want to get your hopes up. I know you'll do what's right in either case. There are never any guarantees in life, but hopefully she will give it a chance and not be afraid of the emotions.
Be as encouraging and understanding as possible when you're around her, and make her feel safe and calm/comfortable at all times, without any pressure. Trust your personality to shine through also, and hopefully she will see the good person that you are. All the best, and blessings, from Daniel.

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QUESTION: yeah thanks heaps man means a lot i just find it weird when we at times we are perfect and then shes practically making me cry because of how she reacts when we arent together in person shes been like it wont work and other negative stuff and when we are together its the exact opposite it upsets me all the time i dont know what to do or how to do it :/

Hi Nick, you are right of course, that because of free will, it's impossible to tell how someone will react at a given time. The tendency for her is toward fear sometimes, and yet she has feelings for you. So if she can let go of those fears, there would be the favorable outcome. I wish you the best, and recommend to pray for what's best for both of you, then there wont be any hard feelings whatever she may decide. Take care, from Daniel.


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