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Dear Thalia,

Thank-you for taking the time to guide us!

My boyfriend and I have been going out for some 5 months now. I am very emotionally invested in the relationship, but he seems to blow hot and cold. Most days I cannot tell where I stand in the relationship. It does not help that we are doing long distance at the moment with no future plans to look forward to. Very recently I asked that we just be friends instead because the relationship was too emotionally draining for me, but I like him too much to just be friends. I must admit that when I asked to be friends it was more so with the hope that things will change for the better, but I should know better than to cling to hope. Do you see any prospect for us? Is he the one for me? or Am I better letting go of it? I do like him. Very much so. And our conversations are great. It's just that he is so emotionally unavailable at the moment and I don't know if it will change in the future.

Best Regards!

As this is in the question pool, I'm answering. Lenormand cards coffin+whip+lady; there's so much anger within you Sweta, I feel that you are the one who is blowing hot and cold into the relationship so Arjun runs for shelter. There is a need to honestly communicate to each other, and make the effort to meet each other in person.


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