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Hi my name is Miranti 9 Mar 90, currently seeing Domenic 20 Sep 78.I would like to ask you about this relationship and if this will go on to marriage/ if this is a strong soulmate connection.  I feel that we are so opposite in personality, up and down... Thank you very much! Kind regards


Thank you for writing me. I appreciate the patience in waiting for my answer as well.

Currently, he seems to be happy and content with you and he feels he has a happy relationship and home, even with the ups and downs.

It seems you should be on the watch for money problems though. It feels like one or both of you are worried or will soon be worried about your finances.

Your future as a married couple is unclear. There is something missing.

Something hasn't happened yet that defines you as a married couple. But that being said, nothing has happened that doesn't define you as a married couple. Most people have events in their lives that lead to a decision. In your relationship that thing hasn't happened yet.

I'm sorry but I hope I have helped you atleast a little bit.

At this point I would try to wait and be patient and just focus on being happy and content as he seems to be.



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