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QUESTION: Respected Thalia
I have had a miserable love life for 8 years I loved that man so much but he always cheated on me now I have recently broken up with him Kindly tell me when wil I have someone love me truly kindly tell me about my soulmate
my full name Palwasha Rehman
people call me Palwasha

ANSWER: As this is in the question pool, I'm answering - please provide your birth year and a definition of what you think you will feel when your soulmate loves you

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QUESTION: My birth date is 12 march 1985
I have been lonely for so long,I want to be truly loved and when that happens I will be so happy and satisfied and ofcourse I will love him as well

Using the Lenormand cards, understand that the sun is shining behind the clouds, all your uncertainty brings about men who don't treat you well, because this secretly is what you wish for Palwasha, so the Universe says... oh look secretly she wishes for someone to use her because this is what she feels within. When you remove all your doubtful energies then, the sun has a chance of shining through, but right now you are simply resonating to you what you wish - law of attraction if you wish! Change the way you think! and you change your love life :) If you require further information, I recommend True Love this way you can get an idea of who he is, and how you will recognize him.


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