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1. Hannah, female, Georgia
2. 03/01/1994, Georgia, United States
3. Brown shoulder length hair, Hazel eyes, 5'2, Very petite
4.  Jon, male, Georgia
   07/06/1992, Georgia, United States
   Blonde hair, blue/green eyes, 5'6-5'8, 140 lbs., athletic
5. I've recently engaged in a long distance relationship. We fell head over heels at first sight, but lately the distance has caused tensions, despite the amount of feelings we have toward one another.
6. Could this relationship last, despite the distance?
7. The outcome I desire is marriage, kids, growing old in rocking chairs, etc..

"Love at first sight is not true love"

Answering this from the question pool, for (any) further information I will require payment. Using Lenormand cards, patience is the strong message here for you Hannah, you don't plant a an tree seed and expect fruit within the next fortnight. For example, an oak tree has a life span of 500 to 1000 years. For an oak seed to reach maturity takes 18 months. Once the oak seedling reaches this stage, it grows 17 inches per year... and remember they grow to at least 35 feet tall as an adult oak tree. You want "marriage, kids, growing old in rocking chairs" you got to be patient, and nurture Jon and yourself, not just scream like a wee child about tensions. Happiness, true happiness is quite possible :) if you both spend the time honestly communicating with each other, but not from a hostile point of view. Understand your feelings first, and express them in a compassionate manner to Jon, and encourage him to do the same.


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