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sir i just want to know what my husband thinks about me and whether he loves me and why he is not getting closer to me.please reply my query.

Hi there, usually when this happens, we are dealing with a health issue.....make sure everyone is eating healthy, ie. fresh vegetables, few spices, black coffee, and plenty of excersize and rest. Also the occasional use of green/sweet red peppers in the cooking is said to be a revitalizer, as are fresh fruits, raisins, etc. Happiness and health are intertwined in many ways. In the morning, fresh lemon juice squeezed into a glass of water before anything is eaten. For yourself, as we are dealing with an interaction, make sure there is the focusing on self-improvement, eat healthy too, and excersize in the sunshine, raw almonds for the complexion, and smiling, and "don't worry, be happy", gives a glow to the countenance, as is being polite and friendly. When we love ourselves, others will be attracted to us.
I hope this helps, and God Bless, from Daniel.


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I am using intuition. I pick up feelings or vibes from people, situations.


Trained in astrology, and done readings for friends for a number of years. I'm one of those that people come to 6 months later and tell me I was right about something i predicted or said.

College graduate.

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