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name Marcy.dob.11 16 1987.age 25.

Hi, I'm in need of advice, I prayed, and ask the Divine, and my angelic guides, to help me to be independent, and move out soon. I have lived with my mother for too, long, and my mother has a control issue, and has mistreated me terribly. I'm doing what I can to move out, as in getting SSI, benefits, and helping to take care of myself. I'm going to keep praying, and asking the Divine, and my angels to keep helping. I hope one day, I am out on my own.

Dear Marcy,

Thank you for requesting a Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual reading. As I go into higher consciousness to contact Spirit, the first thing I am being made aware of are deep-seated issues where that which needs to be harmonized between both of you has not reached that important point yet. It appears that issues surrounding anger or angry moments may be also surfacing. When a person feels they are being controlled by another it can be indicative of a part of themselves that they have not fully faced or addressed.

Therefore, a deep introspective look at the self is what Spirit and the angels are suggesting. What has transpired in your life that has caused the control issues is what needs to be taken a look at. Has it always been that way since a very young age or did this develop later on in life? And if so, why? What were the issues surrounding the change? The sooner those issues are lovingly confronted the sooner a recourse can start to develop. It feels like the current energy here is non-productive both to you and to your Mom. But you must also realize, Spirit goes on to say, that at your age it may be a good time to seriously start thinking and considering allowing for things to calm down by your seeking your own independence which could be helpful.

You must also realize that when there is discord in a family that could be indicative of other dis-harmonies that surround the household. Yet another factor to consider is that you have only one Mother and there is no one to replace her. No one can last forever in this the "learning" world where we come to learn our lessons so that we can elevate and grow spiritually. Once she is gone (something that only God knows when) there is no longer an opportunity to reach out in love to try to ameliorate the circumstances so as to try to reach an amicable and loving solution at that point. I have known many people who felt they could have a talk about what was troubling them "tomorrow" but tomorrow was too late. Sometimes pride can hold a person back from reaching out even with their own family members. But again, the sooner the issue(s) are addressed the sooner you can start to move into a better space and the bitterness that may have existed before can start to heal. So that if you do decide to move out it will not be in an angry state but rather a state with greater understanding that you two were able to reach an agreement that did not cause any more anger, hurt, or resentment for either of you but that simply allowed for your moving ahead with your life as an adult.

Also important, Spirit is suggesting, is to be able to tell your Mom that you will always be there for her when she needs you but that you do have your own life to live and at your age you feel you have reached greater independence to move forward.

The answer starts with You. The sooner you truly wish to become more independent and live on your own, so you can! But as long as those are only fleeting thoughts coupled by the less than friendly energy of the moment of what may be happening to upset you and your Mom it will make things harder to work towards an amicable resolution. Spirit feels that Love and Forgiveness are KEY! The sooner things are spoken about with love and the understanding that all must be forgiven the sooner the albatross will be removed from your life and you can feel that your Mom understood that so that both of you will live a fuller and happier life knowing that you are still together but yet independent as your own heart(s) may dictate. No one can, of course, make that decision for you as you must make it on your own but remember that Love always comes first no matter what the circumstances may be. From there one can work towards whatever goal they truly wish to achieve.

May God bless both you and your Mom and bring you harmony, loving vibrations and a wonderful Mother-daughter cohesiveness that both of you can be truly proud of. I will keep you in my prayers.

I have gone to Jesus in prayer for a Scripture to help you in time of need and to keep close to your heart. Remember it and repeat it often.

"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." -- MICAH 7:8 (KJV)

Do not allow anger, bitterness or resentment to take center stage in your life but rather reach out to the LORD Jesus Christ to lift you up and your Mother. He is there for you and shall always be a lamp unto your feet to shine His loving light as you walk your path and move forward in life.


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