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Hello Serena,

My name is Latoya born in 1974 and my love interest Ian also born in 1974 both seem to be having a communication problem. He says I complain to much when I try to express my feelings. I feel he doesn't express enough and shuts down emotionally on me quite often.

My question is do you see us ever finding a compromise? My hope is that he's a stubborn Scorpio just afraid to commit vs. him just not giving a darn about me point blank.

Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly,


Using the Lenormand cards, yes compromise is definitely possible - but you'll both have to start afresh, put the past to rest by healing it and stop isolating each other. Stop blaming each other, deal with the issues within yourself rather than projecting each other's insecurities on top of each other. After you have buried the past sending love etc, and decided to start afresh - then honest communications from a place of love and respect will bring happiness to each other. deeper insight recommended if you wish.


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