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Hello! I was wondering about my past lives and if you could possibly choose a few that you find to influence my current life the most. I was born April 30th 1991. Thank you very much!

Hi there, the largest influence seems to come from the one where you wore a suit of armor, or jousting as it were, and you kind of love competition, and nobility. I also see something with fire, and perhaps you have a fear of fire, there was something burning...i think you were a pilot or navigator in the world war and were shot down, and suffered burns then. You were an Irish person about 120 years ago, and lived in a city possibly Dublin (Dhoubhlain) or Belfast (Beal Feirste), take care from Daniel.


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I am using intuition. I pick up feelings or vibes from people, situations.


Trained in astrology, and done readings for friends for a number of years. I'm one of those that people come to 6 months later and tell me I was right about something i predicted or said.

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