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Hi Doreen, thank you for offering your guidance here. I've been with my boyfriend for 2yrs and I'm thinking of breaking up with him because we are both very different. Also he mainly speaks another language. He is loving and kind hearted, but I feel I may need more to be fulfilled. Can you please tell me if we break up if I will find a new man for long term love, and if so what do you see about this person? I'm very afraid I may end up alone or will have nobody else in my life long term. Thank you very much and don't be afraid to be honest. I'm Sophia born Jan. 11 1983.  My boyfriend is Marcelino supposed to be born Dec.25 1979. Thanks again:)

Dear Sophia,
Hello and thank you for letting me read for you in regards to your questions.
I do see a lot of conflicts between you and your present boyfriend. He is not the one that is chosen for you in this lifetime.  There will be more heartache than the worth of struggling and putting yourself through this unnecessarily,  It is not to be.  I can tell you that you will not end up being alone in this life without meeting the love of your life that both of you will have so much to share and speak of that the conversations will just all come natural out of your inner being between the both of you. This is how I see you with someone else. Destined this will be. Do not let fear stun you into thinking you will end up being alone, for this is not true.  Right now you are settling with someone that is more trouble than it is worth. Only you can make this decision, but I do see you breaking away from him. Your life is opening up in many different avenues that are about to take place and your world will become more meaningful and more aware of some things you were not before.  The energy and good spirit that is upon you now even today as I type will bring you to a new road, and a new way of life that will be fulfilled.  Be kind to yourself and true to your own ways. Take a hold of the reins and let God lead the way, You are blessed and privileged to take the new door that is opening up just for you.  You will not be disappointed in this journey that is already planned for you in this lifetime. Enjoy life and walk accordingly.
I hope that I have helped you in some small way to move forward with a smile on your face and be proud of who you are.  Lessons you have learned thus far has strengthen you in a great way.  God Bless
Psychic Doreen

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