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Hi Jude,
I would like to ask about the home we just moved into, we are a young family and we moved here about 6 months ago.
As soon as we moved in I felt a strong sense of being watched, the most extreme feeling that someone was stood right behind me while I was doing the dishes, I told them they where being creepy and that kind of stopped, one of my freinds who has been to the house regularly saw someone run up the stairs and when we where all in the lounge she was a bit freaked out!
My daughter rarely sleeps through the night and suffers from night terrors, is she affected by this?
My partner also said he saw someone standing in our bedroon and a shadow sat in the doorway of the back bedroom.
As I'm sat here typing this to you remembering that our tooth brushes fell from the bathroom shef today and a action figure fell from the shelf in the doorway of our bedroom.
please can you shed some light on this situation, any information provided will be greatly recieved,
thank you in advance, Sophie

Its very possible you have 1 or more entities in your home left over from the past.  Im not sure, however, if i would read too much into the dropped tooth brushes or action figures--could be just a vibration or things settling.  happens all the time in my house.  The first thing I would do, while your daughter is out of the home, is to try to rid your house of these entities.  First go to an herb or metaphysical store and get some sage to burn.  Open your windows and speak to the entities out loud and ask them, not in an angry way, to go into the light, that it is ok for them to leave.  Say a prayer outloud for the blessing of your home and family, that you mean no malice for them and that they should move on.  If you have any further activity after this self-attempt, I wouldn't hesitate in contacting a priest or your pastor to bless your home.  Children are impressionable so make sure you dont scare your daughter by speaking of ghosts or dark entities unnecessarily.  Also, every night pray for God's protection over your family and your home and ask for angels to watch over your daughter.


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