My name is Katelyn I am a female from Ontario, Canada
My birthday is 07/24/1993
I am 5'2 with blond hair
My boyfriends name is Mirek and he is male living in Czech Republic
his birthday is 09/14/1994
he is around 6'3 with brown hair
We were living next door to each other for 8 months during which we started dating and have been dating for almost 8 months, however a couple weeks ago he moved back home and we decided to do long distance.
My questions for you are
1. How will our long distance relationship end up?
2. Will he ever move back to me or me to him?
3. How long will it be until were together again?

Answering this from the question pool, for (any) further information I will require payment. Using Lenormand cards, perhaps what happened between Mirek and you was not love but simply communicating to each other out of loneliness? Either whatever is between you will take lots of time to develop if there is anything at all... there's something fated about the way you both met and began communicating. I feel happiness is quite possible between both of you, but with effort. Remember a rose is a rose only with the thorns.


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