Do you see me and my friend Julian starting a romatic relationship that will turn into a committed relationship. Samantha birth 08-14-1966 Julian birth 05-18-1976.

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As this is in the question pool, I am answering. Lenormand cards chosen for you: Fish, Mice, Scythe - this tells you that perhaps one/both of met for financial reasons, and things became stressful and lots of doubtful energies here will tear this relationship about - there's nothing that feels committed here Samantha. But through finding happiness within yourself, I feel there's positive energies to be found whether it's with Julian or not is not known right now.

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SAMANTHA - I am ACCURATE & CLEAR IN MY RESPONSE :) Because I mentioned you met for financial reasons (this is being together in a job place!!!! co-workers as you mentioned in your feedback) Things are stressful and doubts about each other EQUALS you are not right for each other, you might like each other... BUT the ADVICE OF THE READING was to sort out the shitty energies within yourself first!!!! :)

Perhaps next time take the time to thank me for taking your question from the question pool, and then also understanding the FREE message from the objective point of view rather than just immediately jumping to conclusions. It will help you in your dating world too if you do that :)


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