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My dob is 7-25-1992 and my boyfriend's name is Tevin and his dob is 7-17-1990. Things have been strange between us lately we are not as affectionate or lovey dovey like we use to and we are a still a fresh couple. We lack passion in our relationship also, but i dont like how we have been communicating lately. I have spoke to him about this but i still dont know whats wrong. Can you tell me what issues he may be having or the relationship as a whole? Thanks!

Using Lenormand cards, all this is telling you Kiara that perhaps both of you jumped into this relationship too soon, was it out of loneliness? was it due to everyone hooking up around you? Intuition seems to be saying one thing, and actions seem to be wanting to move away from this to start afresh - is it time to part ways? and say maybe this relationship is not meant to be?


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