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Hi, I would like to share something with you in regards to my dreams and spirit which is in the constant thought of a mission, a long physical journey, and that kind of spirit in me is for three years. Years before that I started dreaming that I am traveling by myself in different places, but they are usually very big, like desserts, mountains, open deserted spaces, in which I have an unknown destination, but I don't seem to see the end. Once I had a dream, I was about 19, and I was in a dessert and I saw somebody familiar and I kissed him and then I was hanging out at roller coasters. Then I had a dream traveling in an ancient dress and I met a woman who invited me to stay over for the night and she was pretending to be an old woman, but she was a goddess. in the dream, she asked me where was I heading, and I said "Maeonia", and that was in reality an ancient kingdom under Phrygia, Lycia and Lydia in Asia Minor. At the time we had an ancient theatre study practice, and I had some unusual meetings with the Macedonian Goddess Ma. It inspired me to write poetry with several hymns about her, and some unusual voice was coming out of me, like somebody else was speaking and giving some important warnings that even today nobody wants to hear them (people are deaf and blind). Few months ago I also had a dream of a long walk in a flat earth place, no mountains, nothing in the view, and I reached a man (a real friend) sitting on a bed and his face was very disappointed, and I woke up very disappointed, too. I was very fond of him and I got very disappointed when he met his new girlfriend, I liked him and I had no way of telling him that. I don't know what is this, but these dreams do repeat once in a while and I can remember them for a long time, and they really shape my thoughts and wake my creative sides.

Hi there, i will offer you my interpretation of the images as given, as they all seem to point in one direction. There is the roller coaster symbolizing un-evenness, and the flat plains symbolizing even ness or balance. The imbalance lies with the conflict in your desire for love and the domestic(the men in the dream) and the desire to wander or be free(the wandering and travel).
The Ma(Macedonian, Maeonia) literally is the mother or the goddess(old woman), or the nurturing figure you seek advice from. Her presence sees you having no place for a male in your grand design, or world view, and yet your own inner desire is to find someone who loves you. You feel/fear your world view will have to change or you will be dissapointed when the one you wish to find, finds someone else.
Take care from Daniel.


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