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Psychics/Did I ruin my chances with him?


My name is Joelle (bday 1/26/1989) I started talking to Barclay(he's a libra, but I don't know his exact bday) about a year ago on an online dating site, but the conversation dwindled. Recently, I rejoined the site and message him again. This time we were able to meet up, and he revealed to me that he wanted to met up before but he thought we lived too far apart. Now he works where I live.On our date the communication was great, and we got along very well. After the date, he told me we should do lunch soon, and the I realized I left my left overs from the restaurant we went to in the car, so we went back to get them and that's when we started kissing. It escalated and we ended up sleeping together. After he left, he said we should do lunch again and kissed me goodbye. So it's been 2 and a half days and I haven't heard from him. I text him this morning, but it's been hours and I have not heard back. I'm afraid I ruined my chances with him by sleeping with him too soon. I know it's not a good idea to have sex on the first date but I really liked him and it just felt right, but now I'm worried I won't see him again and that I made a big mistake :(

Lenormand cards chosen for you: Sun, Book, Clouds - this tells you that your love future with Barclay is still unknown, nothing is positive, but yet nothing is negative. Things do look very uncertain from one perspective, but they also look very positive from another perspective. I feel you will be hearing from Barclay in the near future - whether you choose to make silly decisions that will cause you to lose your self-respect and allow him to take even further advantage of you is your decision to take.


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