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QUESTION: I started a relationship with Goran, me Biljana, but its complicated due to his situation. I would like to know will the things work out between us or any insight you could tell me?!

ANSWER: Answering from question pool, birth years and first names required to answer question.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: his name Goran, dob 4/6/1972 and my name Biljana, dob 20/08/1978

ANSWER: Using the Lenormand cards, this is tricky - I get the sense that Goran had an unexpected surprise despite being committed, perhaps even married to another lady (perhaps you were that surprise, but I'm not certain) and there's a way to fix things by honest communication that brings about happiness. It feels like this meeting between him and you is destined yet filled with so many unthinkable burdens, and leaving so much uncertainty present within the ambiance.... sorry that's all I'm receiving, not sure if it helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for the reading! And you are absolutely right and I am amazed you picked up on another woman. He is not officially married to her but they have been living together for a few years. And yes we are always on and off because of that, just like you said many unthinkable burdens and really so much uncertainty especially right now.
But can I ask for a clarification, what do you mean by unexpected surprise, do you mean that I was that unexpected surprise that happened to him? And honest communication will fix things between whom, him and another woman or between the two of us? By the way, I do not know why but I also have the feeling that our meeting is destined although we are only one month together. And it was all fun at the start we did not take it seriously but I fell in love with him at the end and now is sooo hard and it hurts as we are again off now.

Beautiful that the message has indeed resonated with you Biljana - but for further clarification you have to understand that I will require payment as my psychic service is not freely offered 24/7, I have a life to live too. So you have choices 1. Future insight this tells you whether you can work it out in the future with Goran | 2. Indepth insight understand how Goran feels about you, whether you are that unexpected surprise etc, how things will work out | 3. True Love find out whether Goran is really your True Love or just a karmic soulmate.


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